Belarus the Cat


More information about Belarus:

  • He was surrendered to San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) by his previous family, due to landlord issues
  • He was at SFACC for about a month before a series of photos of him by Josh Norem (@furrtographer) went viral after being posted by SFACC. The photos received over 500K impressions on Facebook, and were shared over 3 thousand times
  • His adopter saw them on SFACC’s Instagram account and immediately knew she had to meet him. She moved meetings around in order to make a trip to the shelter that Monday and was informed later that evening that she could take him home!
  • Belarus has continued to catch the eyes of many admirers on his Instagram account @my_boy_belarus. He is a very active and extremely curious cat.  He loves to play with balls, twist ties, and almost any other small object he can get his paws on.  He seems highly intelligent and doesn’t let his wonky eyes slow him down.
  • Since his adoption, we have raised and donated $1000’s to animal charities to help other animals in need through his online presence.  In 2019, we partnered with Friends of SFACC, Cat Town of Oakland, and Sonoma Community Animal Response Team.
  • Dr Travis Strong (@vegan_veterinarian) partnered with us to share more about strabismus, which is the medical term for the eye condition he has. It just means that the muscles that hold his eyes in place may have an abnormal position or may be damaged, causing the gaze to be displaced.  This condition doesn’t cause pain and hasn’t impacted his day-to-day!

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