INSIDER – “Belarus the cross-eyed rescue cat has stolen hearts. Belarus doesn’t look like other cats, but that’s part of his charm. The cross-eyed cat has captured the hearts of thousands of online fans thanks to his unique expression.” – Matthew Wilson


THE MORNING SHOW – “Fuzzball feline – the cross-eyed kitty has gone global. When Belarus isn’t taking a cat nap, bird watching or striking a pose for his online fans, he’s using his paw-star status to raise much-needed funds for animals in need.” – Kaitlin Peek & Jenny Ky

The Morning Show

NY POST – “Belarus, adopted in 2018, may look constantly confused but he (and his owners) are feline fine. The fluffy kitty was born with strabismus, which his owner assures everyone causes him no pain and doesn’t affect his vision.” – Paula Froelich